• Chocolate espresso martini

      Maybe it is only Tuesday, but the recipe for this cocktail was supposed to be here so long ago. I think any day is good to share it right :) I love everything that has coffee flavour,

  • Winter tea with citrus fruit

      We love tea at home. I used to drink it in hectolitres. And at home we probably have 30 different types and flavours of teas. Well, they are very useful in winter. I don't know about you,

  • Passionfruit Gin Cocktail

    There is nothing to hide the best cocktails are made by my hubby. However, this time I was crazy with my favorite flavors and combined them into a perfect cocktail. For all gin lovers. We really

  • Winter tea

    Chase the winter blues away with this amazing tea. It's a perfect antidote to a gloomy day. This tea can create a snug comfortable feeling that shelters you from the harsh bitter cold outside.

  • Blue coconutty cocktail

    I teamed up with lovely people from NINJA , and exclusively for them, I have created few delicious cocktails. This blue coconutty cocktail is so delicious that you will want it all year round, not

  • Berry and cream smoothie

      I love summer because of all these lovely summer fruits!!!!   Today I am going to share with you new recipe for this powerful in vitamins and a super delicious smoothie.    I usually get

  • Lime & cucumber infused water

          Water is the main component of the human body. The average adult is made up of 60% water.   This colorless and tasteless liquid, has so many amazing health benefits for our body.

  • Limitless Baobab Boost Drink

        Thinking of replacing your morning cup of coffee? Feeling worn out? Do you need an energy boost? Feeling tired after the workout? Combining 100% natural baobab pulp with the health