• creamy hummus

    Classic Hummus

    If you follow me on Instagram, perhaps you saw this photo last week? If you have been watching this space closely, you know we both love hummus. Hummus is our  favorite go-to snack both for

  • Berry and cream smoothie

      I love summer because of all these lovely summer fruits!!!!   Today I am going to share with you new recipe for this powerful in vitamins and a super delicious smoothie.    I usually get

  • Maca porridge

        It has been a while since my last breakfast inspiration.     One of my favorite breakfast during the working week is porridge. Simple to prepare, ready in just a few minutes, yet so many

  • Rhubarb-pecan tea cake

    Rhubarb is in the season though, so obviously had to pick some up from the market. Much to my surprise, rhubarb is delicious, especially in cakes.  So yeah, this recipe is not so super healthy but

  • My favorite chia pudding

        I love chia pudding!! This is absolutely one of my favorite breakfasts.   Summer time is just great for this super light and yet healthy breakfast or dessert.   Chia seeds are now

  • Crunchy baobab bites GF,V

        Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I had a couple of recipe requests from my friends.  When I composed this recipe I made sure that this sweet treat will contain a