• Mini New York cheesecakes

    If you like cheesecake, then this mini version will really appeal to you and will surely be a part of your dessert menu. This is a super simple recipe. Preparation takes 5 minutes, then an hour in

  • Creamy ricotta cheesecake

    Cheesecake is probably the favorite dessert in our country. Despite the fact that I do not like sweets too much, I love to bake in general, its my hobby my relaxation place. But cheesecakes are my

  • Clafoutis with sweet cherries

    If you have eggs and flour at home, you will be able to make this dessert immediately. It's so easy to make and so quick, that you can make it when you have unexpected guests.The cake is not a cake

  • Steamed buns​

    For my husband, yeast steamed buns are a great memory from childhood. Steamed buns in my house, were completely absent and they were not known, I really don't understand why. They are so deliciously

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