Winter tea with citrus fruit


We love tea at home. I used to drink it in hectolitres. And at home we probably have 30 different types and flavours of teas.

Well, they are very useful in winter. I don’t know about you, but apart from the flavors of teas, I love to enrich it with fruits and herbs. That is why during the winter evenings there are always many interesting flavours available at home, and we always experimenting.

Warming up, aromatic, delicious. I have to tell you that if you like ginger as much  as I do, winter teas will became your addiction :).  The recipe is very simple, because you just put a kettle full of water and boil ….. … but the whole secret lies in what you will add to the tea. In this tea, there are juicy Sicilian oranges, they give the tea a beautiful colour and sour taste. Raspberries give sweetness, and lemon enhances the taste of our ginger. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, I recommend you try Georgian tea. You will get good tea stores, it really is amazing. Very expressive, ideal for brewing strong teas, but worth every penny.





Winter tea with citrus fruit


  • 1 krwawa pomarańcz pokrojona w plastry
  • 1 cytryna pokrojona w plastry
  • 1/2 szklanki malin, można użyc maliny w syropie
  • garść swieżej mięty bądź melisy
  • 1 łyżeczka herbaty
  • 2 l gorącej wody ok 90 C
  • 3 cm imbiru swieżego


  1. Herbatę zaparzyc w wodzie 90 C przez ok 5 min.

  2. Przygotować owoce, umyć i pociąć.

  3. Serwować z imbirem w syropie