Perfect dippy eggs and soilders

Dippy eggs or soft boiled eggs are simply the best and the easiest breakfast ever! We enjoy this lovely breakfast at least a couple of times a week. It goes beautifully with sourdough soldiers, or grilled asparagus with bacon or pancetta.

The other morning, I was enjoying my soft-boiled eggs with buttered toast and a black coffee.

I’m lucky enough to buy my eggs straight from a local farmer.

Mmmm, love it.

Do I have any egg lovers here?

Yes, so let’s get cooking guys!

So, once you learn the timing on soft-boiled eggs, you’ll be making these for yourself almost daily! They are so easy! All you do is bring a pot of salted water to a boil on the hob, carefully drop in your eggs, then cover the pot tightly and reduce heat to low. Then, set your timer for 5 minutes.

While the timer is going, make your coffee and stick your bread in the toaster! BTW, I like a five-minute egg, but some people prefer their eggs to be a little less runny, so boil them to your liking. If that’s you, set your timer for 6 minutes!

When the timer goes off, the eggs are done so grab them and cool in cold water for a couple of minutes.

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  1. That would be my absolute favourite breakfast! Can never get enough of soft eggs.

    • Definitely!! Enjoy whenever you will make it xxx

  2. Looks amazing. Can’t wait to try.

    • Glad you like it,please let me know if you try it 🙂

  3. i love this recipe, made this for my hubby this morning