Limitless Baobab Boost Drink


Limitless Baobab Boost Drink aduna oranges
Thinking of replacing your morning cup of coffee?
Feeling worn out?
Do you need an energy boost?
Feeling tired after the workout?

Combining 100% natural baobab pulp with the health properties of blood oranges packed with goodness will give you:

  • an antioxidant boost 
  • a boost of fiber
  • loads of Vitamin A, C, D, calcium, and iron
  • potassium, magnesium 
  • folic acid, this is also known as Vitamin B9
  • anthocyanins – have anti-inflammatory properties 
This is super simple and super healthy!!!!!
You will only need 2 ingredients:
4-5 blood oranges
1-2 tsp of baobab powder
Lightly roll each orange on the counter. Cut each one in half. Squeeze into a glass. You may also use a citrus juicer to do this. If you like your drink slightly sour, you will love this one.  
Drink a glass every morning to keep your immune system strong and stay healthy, you can replace oranges with any fruit or just a glass of water.